Romans 12:12 – Rejoice in Hope, Patient in Tribulations, Constant in Prayer!

Today by His Spirit, we focus on the 3rd phrase of the verse!

“Constant in Prayer!” We receive grace for understanding and action in Jesus name.

To be ‘constant in prayer’ means to be ‘consistent in prayer!’

The call is to all of God’s children. It is a gold blend of ‘priority & dependency” of prayer! 

It is like ‘breathing prayer’. 

I heard my spirit cry out, “Lord I need your grace!” 

It is not about the rules that guard prayer but the life of prayer!

I read this:

“It is important that prayer does not become a plan, a place, a list and so on. Prayer is all about connecting relationally with God.”

The Bible tells us that our prayers are not efforts to inform God of needs or concerns. He already knows them. Prayer forges our relationship with the Godhead!

A great privilege!

Thank God for the privilege of prayer! 

Ask God for the Spirit of grace and supplication!

Thank God that you can draw closer to Him, talk to Him and meditate on His goodness!

Be led by His Spirit into the realm where you delight in prayer!

Have a prayerful day!

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